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The Latest Nano-Node Software Version Is

To Update the Software Package on the Micro-Node to the Latest Version open the Micro-Node ADMIN program on your browser. Click the SYSTEM BUTTON and go to the GET UPDATES Section on the System Screen.

Enter The Followng URL in the SERVER Text-Box:

Click The GET UPDATES Button.

The Nano-Node will connect to the Update Service and display a Response Screen. Follow the instructions on this Response Screen to complete the Update.

After Upgrading The Software It Is Recommended That You Clear Your Browser Cache To Make Sure Your Browser Is Not Using The Old Versions Cached Pages And Images.
Version 1.030 Incorporates The Following Additional Features
Fixes Console DTMF Regen Operation Problem
Fixes Audio Server Upload For Node Connect Messages
Version 1.029 Incorporates The Following Additional Features
Fixes The Problem With Weather Announcements
Version 1.028 Incorporates The Following Additional Features
Adds New GPS Features To The Tracking Option.
Version 1.027 Incorporates The Following Additional Features
Adds Check For WiFi Connection Loss & Attempt To Reconnect If Necessary.
Adds Option To Check For Reflector Link Connection Loss
Adds Option To Test Network Is Connected Before An Auto Reflector Reconnect
After Installing Ver 1.27 Or Higher, Go To The "Set IRLP" Menu To Enable The New
"Reconnect Network Check" and "Reflector Connection Check"
Options If Desired.
Users Manual For Current Version - Includes Sections For Port Forwarding,
VPN Setup and I-Phone Hotspot Network Configuration
  Users Manual
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