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RTCM Manual

Model MN-5000
RTCM – Radio Thin Client Module

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The RTCM is an Open-Source VOIP-Based Voting Multi-Receiver and Simulcast Transmit System which can also function as an extremely simple, robust, low-power/complexity radio interface device for general purpose (non-voting/GPS-based) applications. Ultra compact package measuring just 3.25” (82mm) W x 5.0” (127mm) L x 1.25” (31mm) H.

RTCM Features
Low Cost VOIP-Based Voting Multi-Receiver/Simulcast System
Functions as a Simple General Purpose (non-voting) Interface for Allstar
Extremely Simple Radio Interface for Simplex or Full-Duplex radios
Radio Signal Indication from discriminator audio (adaptive Squelch) and or CTCSS/COR input
Network plugs directly into any available 10/100 ethernet based internet connection
No Firewall/NAT Port Forwarding Necessary
GPS (Global Positioning System) Interface
APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) Function
Configuration Console via RS232 Terminal or Telnet Interface
Low Power Input voltage (7-24Vdc approximately 80ma)
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